Press “Fronted by the haunting siren calls of Irene Lambrou, the Philadelphia-based Medea has a fresh bunch of spell-casters and a new album to dazzle and intrigue in prog-rock/folk/jazz fashion.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer:  “The quintet Medea plays dreamy elegant pop highlighted by the burnished alto of lead singer Irene Lambrou.”

The Philadelphia Daily News: “Fronted by the throaty, dramatic thrush Irene Lambrou, Medea will put a spell on you with their dreamy music I’d dub ‘goth-elegant.’… Lush keyboard flourishes, buzzy Jorma Kaukonen-style guitar and a slick rhythm section add to a production sheen so finessed a major label could put out this set with pride. Fans of classically-influenced popsters such as October Project, (early) King Crimson and Renaissance will like ‘em. So, too, will devotees of Heart, Indigo Girls and Sade. Grade: A.”

Songwriter’s Monthly: “Irene is a captivating vocalist. Her sultry vocals heat the music to a passionate degree. The musicians ride her waves creating an album rich in dynamics.”

Get Fancy Magazine: “They are absolutely enchanting, with ethereal, mesmerizing music providing the background to singer Irene Lambrou’s amazing vocals.”

GoGirlsMusic.Com: “A searing lounge act piano/vocal duo has met a rock ‘n’ roll rhythm section, and the result is undeniably magical.”

Indie-Music.Com: “This is gorgeous…These songs will make you dream, and you’ll be led barefoot along cobblestone streets in the fog…Don’t try to categorize it. Just listen and feel.”

Bucks County Courier Times: “Medea has crafted a sound that deserves to be heard: a mesmerizing blend of rock, pop and jazz highlighted by mystical lyrics and Irene Lambrou’s alternately sultry and haunting vocals.”

PhillyMusic.Com: “[T]heir songs evoke a more ethereal feel with a progressive edge . . Lambrou’s silky vocals glide over each peak and cascade into the forest floor like a misty spiritual visit from the dreamworld . . Robinson brings flight to the music as a hawk riding the thermals, high coasting rides with wings outstretched into twisting dives for prey . . .Marrazzo weaves cello-like fretless waterflow over riverstones which at times allows a little whitewater to appear . . .Ghantt calls out from the darkness of the woods with mysterious cries and wails . . .[Their] music does possess a refreshing uniqueness . . .Longing, frustration, discovery and pontification alike live here.”

Legal Intelligencer: “Lambrou’s rich colorful singing voice works powerfully with Robinson’s carefully constructed chord progressions and the rest of the band’s polished musicianship.”

Musical Discoveries: “Medea’s debut album is an exceptional collection of original progressive rock-oriented tunes that blend dynamic instrumentals with tremendous vocal work… Highly recommended.”